What’s Changing with PCI DSS v4?

Transitioning to PCI DSS v4.0 is a critical step for organizations aiming to secure payment data against evolving threats. This chapter offers a roadmap for navigating the shift, focusing on key deadlines, strategic planning, and leveraging available resources for a smooth transition.

These are the 8 most notable new requirements when comparing PCI DSS v4 to v3.2.1 (all future-dated and effective from the 31st March 2025).

  1. Bi-annual review of all user accounts and related access privileges
  2. More stringent password requirements (length increasing from 7 to 12 characters, no hard-coding in files or scripts)
  3. Multi-factor authentication required for all access to Card Data Environment (CDE) vs administrative access to CDE previously
  4. Revamp of multi-factor authentication requirements for secure implementation
  5.  Daily log reviews by use of automated mechanisms vs the option of manual reviews previously
  6. Authenticated scanning for internal vulnerability scans
  7. Address covert malware communication channels by use of intrusion detection/prevention techniques
  8. Regular PCI DSS scope confirmation including card data discovery techniques

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Speedy Order Processing

Experience seamless transactions with an interface crafted for speed. With NorthStar POS, minimal taps translate to quicker turnarounds.

Mobile POS Capabilities

Equip staff with mobile devices to take orders directly from customers in line or even before they reach the counter, speeding up the entire process.

Integrated Online Ordering

Allows customers to see the order being inputted, which can reduce errors and increase transparency.

Customization and Modifiers

Embrace the essence of fast-casual with our intuitive customization feature. From salads to sandwiches, NorthStar POS accommodates detailed modifiers with ease, ensuring the kitchen gets the right message every time.

Digital Menu Boards Integration

Easily update and synchronize your digital menu displays directly from NorthStar. This allows for dynamic pricing, highlighting specials, or featuring limited-time offers without the need for separate systems.

Integrated Upselling Suggestions

Based on the items selected by the guests, NorthStar can provide servers with real-time suggestions for upselling complementary dishes, drinks, or desserts. This not only boosts sales but can also enhance the overall dining experience for guests.

Allergy and Dietary Restrictions

Accommodate allergy and dietary preference by enabling servers to assign orders by seat numbers.

Contactless Payment Options

In the evolving landscape of dining, offering contactless payments — such as tap-and-go cards, digital wallets, or QR code payments — can enhance the checkout experience by offering speed and safety.

Drive-Thru Management

For QSRs with drive-thru service, specialized features can streamline the ordering process, enhance communication between NorthStar and kitchen, and track drive-thru-specific metrics.