The Benefits Of A Customized Point Of Sale (POS) System

In the restaurant industry, standing out from the competition is essential for success and growth. Just as each restaurant, fast food chain, café, bar, takeout service, and fine dining restaurant is different, we think their POS system should also be different. This difference allows the specific restaurant to improve the customer experience by offering the services the customer expects. It is not reasonable to expect a fast food restaurant to have the same needs for ordering and payment as the dining facility on a cruise ship or a 5-star fine dining establishment. We create customized systems for each of our customers.

The options to customize a POS system are not standard from many providers. At NorthStar, we provide our customers with fully customized solutions that work for their guests, employees, and the management team.

Customized Ordering

NorthStar provides our customers with the option to consider all types of ordering options. This includes table kiosks, tablets, mobile devices, mobile apps, and websites, as well as traditional tableside ordering.

Customized Reporting

As a restaurant manager, having access to data at your fingertips allows for more effective planning and decision-making. We can create the reports you need to get a clear picture of all aspects of the restaurant’s operation.

Customized Integrations

There are several integrations used across the restaurant industry. NorthStar Order Entry integrates with these various systems, providing a streamlined and efficient operation for all aspects of your business.

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